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Cybersecurity: Take the Quad Cyber Challenge

Calling on all internet users: Protect yourself and your devices!

Organized by the Quad Partners:

Cybercrime and global cyberattacks disrupt our daily lives and the critical services we routinely rely on, and cost trillions of dollars each year. 


Corporations and individuals all have a role - every unsecured connected device is a potential target - but we can all be part of the solution, too. 


By educating ourselves and each other we can build individual awareness to strengthen our cyber defenses.  Corporations and technology providers can build cybersecurity into design and function, implement more robust security measures in their daily operations, and help customers learn how to better secure their accounts and network.  By being informed about the risks and about how to reduce your risks, we can counter the efforts of bad actors and build stronger cyber defenses at home, at school, and across the business community.

Coming in April 2023: the Quad Cyber Challenge

Governments, corporations, nonprofits, universities, and schools around the world are invited to take the Cyber Challenge.


It’s a call to action for every internet user to learn more about cybersecurity and protect themselves, their devices, or their customers from the growing threats of online attacks. 


Everybody knows the risks of being hacked, but few know all the simple steps they can take to prevent being hacked. That’s why we want millions of people around the world to learn more by taking the challenge and committing to safe and secure online practices.

Thank you!

Thanks to all who participated during the Cyber Challenge on April 10-14, 2023.

Who's In?

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